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How to Apply to Grace Mansion

Application forms are available at Grace Mansion, 596 East Hastings St., Vancouver, BC. 

Applying to Grace Mansion is a two step process.  ** Both steps must be done at our location.

1. Determine that you are eligible by completing the Pre-Screening application form.



   >> Download Pre-Screening application form









2. Complete the full application form.




   >> Download application form








Important Information:

Applications are to be completed on location, except in special circumstances.
Please provide day and evening phone numbers, message phone number or the phone number of a
contact person so that The Salvation Army Grace Mansion staff can contact you if needed.
Please call by the end of the week following your application to confirm that the processing of your
application has taken place.
It is your responsibility to contact us monthly while on the waiting list should you desire to be
accommodated and to keep your application active.
Please update your application if any of your information changes, this is especially important when you
change contact information phone number or address.
Applicants where there has been no contact or follow up for a period longer than three months will be
considered inactive, and removed from our application wait list.

Further Questions?

Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact Ryan Reid, Director of Residential Services or Major Elizabeth Grad, Assistant Executive Director.

Grace Mansion Phone Number 778-329-0674

Length of Stay

Residents can stay for a maximum of 24 months.






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Last modified: 05/23/14