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Grace Mansion is a drug and alcohol free facility, and is designed to be a ‘safe’ place for people to live and stabilize prior to full independent living.   

Residents are required to participate in a Personal Development Program (PDP).  The PDP seeks to help residents make their own choices as they move toward goals that they set.  Common goals for all residents include housing, and continued abstinence with drugs and alcohol.  Other goals can include schooling, finding work, dealing with medical or mental health issues.  The PDP is designed to be less intense than a first stage addiction program, but regular meetings with Residential Workers are a requirement.  Other support services include helping residents access external resources such as employment assistance, housing assistance, and other programs designed to support the needs of those making positive changes in their lives.

We attempt in our programming and in our relationships to recognize that people have biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs and gifts and we try to address and acknowledge those areas as best we can. Also, it is important to note that our programs are created with the basic premise in mind that all people are created in the image of Christ. Therefore everyone is equal and everyone has unique gifts and strengths to offer.

Goals and Objectives

The program goal is to engage, support and uplift the resident so that he or she is part of their own life transformation.

Expected Outcomes

It is our desire that residents will leave Grace Mansion in a better situation than when they moved in. Ideally, residents will have improved living skills and will be better situated to transition to long term permanent housing arrangements. Residents will understand how to set and achieve reasonable goals and will have a more positive outlook on their future.

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Program Components


Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Grace Mansion currently operates primarily with a resident driven Personal Development Plan (PDP) model.  The primary functions include:


Initial Resident connection: once residents have been with us for 1 - 2 weeks, they will meet with the Director of Residential Services so that our services may be explained, and the resident will be assigned a Residential Worker.


Assessment: the Residential Worker will work with the resident to determine their current and potential strengths, challenges and needs.


Planning: a specific, comprehensive, individualized Personal Development Plan will be initiated by the Residential Worker with the resident’s input.


Linkage to Resources: transferring or referring residents to necessary services and informal support systems both within Grace Mansion as well as in the community.


Monitoring: the residential services team will conduct ongoing evaluation of the resident’s progress and needs based on their PDP goals  (ie. housing, addictions, spiritual formation)


Resident advocacy: the residential services team members will intercede, when necessary, on behalf of a specific resident to ensure equity and appropriate services are being provided and accessed.


Crisis intervention: assisting residents in crisis or emergency situations to stabilize through direct interventions and mobilizing necessary services and supports.


Resource development: at times, Grace Mansion staff will attempt to create additional services or resources to address the needs of residents.

Within the case management system there are many services that are accessible by residents and community members.  Each one of the services has a different means of access and is outlined in this section.

Regular meetings with Residential Worker

The Residential Worker will work alongside the resident in creating a Personal Development Plan.  Residential Workers will meet with residents on a monthly (or twice monthly) basis to discuss their action plan and complete a suite inspection. 
Residential workers will not do for residents what they can do for themselves, but the Residential Workers will work with residents in terms of assessing needs, monitoring, and coordinating supportive services for the Resident over the duration of their stay.

Housing Referrals/Applications

Residential Workers will initiate housing plans and where applicable, housing applications early in the residents’ stay. Residents with fixed or low income will have limited options and it is important that the application processes be started early, to place residents names on the BC Housing waiting list or other subsidized housing lists that are available to them.

Parish Nursing

A nurse is available to residents on a voluntary basis for consultation, education and assessment. The program exists to promote a healthy lifestyle among both the residents and staff of Grace Mansion.

Spiritual Care

The Chaplain works in collaboration with Ministry Volunteers to administer to the spiritual needs of residents and community members. 

Spiritual Care Program includes:


Bible Studies/Cell groups


Faith-related Support Groups


Community connections with local places of worship


Special events through the year


the Chaplain is available and willing to meet one on one with residents to pray with them and/or discuss their spiritual issues and questions

Laundry Facilities

Grace Mansion is equipped with coin operated commercial washing machines and dryers. Laundry facilities are located on the main floor and are available for use by registered Residents only. Residents are responsible for washing and drying their own laundry. The current rate is $1 each for the washer and dryer. Change is available to residents at the front desk.






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